I Feel It in My Dreams (installation)

June 22 - 30, 2013
Mandragoras Art Space (MAAS)

3601 36th Ave, 3rd Fl, Long Island City, NY 11106


I FEEL IT IN MY DREAMS is a performance cycle comprised of distinct phases involving both public and private interactions.  Provisional objects activate transitional spaces populated by video projection, song, guided imagery sessions, play scenarios, installation, commentary and breakfast.  Co-operationally Ides/VISITATION trigger a kind of mania of mutability wherefrom all material is liable to dislocate from itself, become the inverse of itself, and possibly dematerialize altogether. Via this method of extra-sensing, background and foreground are collapsed, leaving only a hole where a figure might be or might have been.  

Oracle, I Feel It in My Dreams @ MAAS from Bethany Ides on Vimeo.