The Visitation

June 16, 2012

Fragmental Museum

47-10 Austell Place, Long Island City, NY 11101


Fostering an immersion into spirit mediumship as a phenomenon both distinctly feminine and radically interior, The Visitation marks the first in a series of collaborative investigations with cultural anthropologist, Erin Yerby.  Sculpture installation, sound installation, performance (Ides) and video (Yerby) combine to reconfigure the industrial arena as site for recalling and foretelling ecstatic transmissions.  Modeled on the figure of the engastrimyth, Ides' three-channel composition for voice is conducted in real time through a fourth channel, another mouth, subject to all the chanciness of an electromagnetic field, itself a plane for the spirit/s, if not hysteric/s.

Ed Bear (audio engineer) + Emma Lipp (costume design)
Featuring Netta Yerushalmy (dance/choreography)

THE VISITATION from Bethany Ides on Vimeo.